Vertical Transfer System

Lifting & Tilting Device

Lifting and tilting device is to lift, move, rotate and tilt product. This assists operator to carry out their job easily and able to reduce the total human power needs to perform the jobs.


  • To lift and tilt heavy product such as large water container, etc.
  • Product is lifted up to assists in better product inspection check.

Magnetic Elevator / Lowerator

Magnetic elevator & lowerator are the ideal solution to move metal and aluminum products in various kind of system flow design. Metal and aluminum products can be move between machine to machine disregarding the height effectively.


  • Convey metal and aluminum products easily
  • Metal & aluminum product manufacturing industry


Vertilator is refers to continuous transfer design vertical lifter. This type of lifter capable to save up product transfer time and it is best suit to high capacity material handling system. Vertilator consists of different transfer fashion and vertilator platform can be custom design to suit customer system flow and requirement.


  • High capacity material handling system between different levels
  • Assembling and packaging line


Autolator is refers to conventional upward/downward design vertical lifter. It is used to move product between more levels conveniently. Autolator consists a conveyor which is use to carry product in/out of the lifter and it can be custom design to suit customer needs. With speed control and safety features, it offers customer a best solution to move product effectively and conveniently.


  • Material handling between different levels
  • Heavy load auto transfer system