Automation System

Engineering Services

We offer many others services that could help you in making the decisions necessary to optimize the benefits of your material handling system and production output. Others than conveyor and automation system provider, we do propose and offer engineering services to our customers to help them in their most challenging issues.

Can Making Industry

Years of experience with proven products in can making industry, have gained us confident in providing the efficient conveyor solutions to our customer. We have a broad range of conveyor products to suit different requirements, from aluminum slice seaming process, to flanging machine, to beading station, and to palletizing systems. We are capable to meet your system flow needs.

Food & Beverage Industry

Our food conveyor systems are designed for conveying raw products or fully processed goods in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. The conveyors are designed to allow for frequent wash down without the concern that the conveyor would be picking up water or waste product in anywhere around the conveyor whether during operations or during wash downs.

Drum Handling & Transfer System

We offer a range of drum handling & transfer system for drum handling industrial use. Besides, we provide a range of drum handling conveyors for the moving of all sizes of drums, or oil cans, or chemical drums whether during empty drum buffer storage prior to filling, or through filling machines to drum filling or pallet loading.

Waste & Recycle Industry

We offer a range of conveyor for recycling industry solutions that enjoy a well-deserved reputation for durability and robustness, with outstanding load carrying capability and resistance to the elements.  We know the technical requirements of this application and can design an appropriately scaled system to suit your current and future needs.