System Accessories

Robot Hand Gripper

We do provide the design and fabrication of robot gripper hand for various applications and products such as bags, boxes, etc. The gripper hand can be custom design to meet different product and system flows needs.


  • Custom design gripper will best suit to customer products and application.
  • Robot palletizing system or gripper design palletizing system

Traffic Cop

Traffic cop is a mechanism which is able to control the traffic of the products especially during the merging of product from sub line to the main line. It is able to prevent the products from sub line to collide with product on main line during merging.


  • To control product merging system flow manually without electrical controls.
  • Ideal for material handling system such as boxes, cases, bags etc


We offer variety of pusher designs to meet different application and customer requirement. Pusher is an ideal solution to be installed on conveyor in a limited space situation. Pusher is able to push the rejected product out easily without stopping, hence is suitable in sorting system or high capacity system flow.


  • To divert the product to others line
  • Suitable to use when space is limited to install conventional diverter

Up Turn Table

Up turn table is use to change direction and orientation of the product or pallet before it is send to next step.  Besides, the up free turn table design is used in assembly line to assist operator to turn the product easily for inspection purpose. Differs from turn table or diverter, up turn table has not include conveyor mounted on top for product transfer purpose.


  • Turn the pallet or product to correct orientation
  • Allow to turn the product easily for inspection purpose
  • Assembly line, pallet transfer system, etc


Stopper plays an important role in system flow control. It controls the traffic of the products, guarantee smooth system flow by releasing product according to the situation. Stopper is widely use in various applications and products such as cans, bags, boxes, pallet and so on.


  • To control traffic of the products
  • Material handling system, assembly line, etc