Horizontal Transfer System


Traverser is a high speed transfer vehicle that move product between various stations. It can pick and drop products to numerous stations automatically. We would custom design the traverser, which means higher load capacities are also available.


  • To pick & drop product from/top different stations automatically.
  • Packaging lines. Automatic warehousing system, etc

Slat Conveyor

Slat conveyor can be used to convey hot, oily parts or to move items through heat drying processes. It can also be used for assembly line and production operations. Slat conveyors can be custom-made for the moving platform to be built into the floor or onto a higher bench.


  • To move hot and oily parts and products
  • Manufacturing & automotive industry

Gripper Conveyor

Gripper conveyor is ideal for continuous elevation of bottles or cans. It is capable of bringing products from a lower to an upper level or vice versa. Products can be inverted for cleaning or drying before entering a filling machine or being printed.


  • Adjustable width cushions grippers to avoid product damage.
  • Bottles, cans manufacturing industry

Chain Conveyor

Chain driven conveyor is the solution to driven heavy load product such as pallet, drums, etc. We custom design the chain conveyor to meet various sizes of pallets and products. Chain driven conveyor makes it ideal for conveying oily parts in various industries.


  • Pallet handling (wood, plastic. metal)
  • Convey heavy, oily or greasy products.

Free Flow Conveyor

Free flow conveyor is the solution for assembly lines. The conveyor design allows all pallets in line to move forward together and can be separate by using stopper. Customer could determine number of station and location in flexible way. Custom designs such as cylinder type lifter, pop-up table, up free turn table are the solutions which customer needs to carry out various jobs.


  • Assembly and production line
  • Inspection station
  • Buffer station for pallet